CALEKKA:Original Album


  1. CALEKKA (Severe Fire) -vocal- [3'34]
  2. Pensive Autumn -instrumental- [3'36] 16 kbps 11 khz mono 41 sec.
  3. Don't Shout for Love -vocal- [5'05]
  4. Pitiful or Fall in love (?) -drama track w/light jazz as BGM- [2'54]
  5. ROMANTIC DANCE -vocal- [4'09]
  6. The Secret in the DOLL -vocal- [4'52]
  7. No Need to Say Good-bye -vocal- [4'13]
  8. Tired of Chasing -vocal- [2'51]
  9. Burning Heat -vocal- [3'30] 16 kbps 11 khz mono 59 sec.
  10. Wet Through Pleasure -instru- [3'55]

    Tracks 1,6,9 Mr. Ishihara Shinichi
    Track 3 & 8 Mr. Suzuki Hiroaki
    Track 5 Tsubakura Yuiko
    Track 6 Minamoto Yuka

Not a Zetsuai/Bronze cd at all. This cd is based on Minami-sensei's other series titled Dokusenyoku. It's her doshinshi related cd project and its content's sung by various artists. In this series, the stories are very similair to Zetsuai/Bronze, but a bit different in others. In this, the main characters are Wakashimazu Ken (Nanjo Koji look alike) and Hyuuga Koujirou (Izumi Takuto look alike). I personally think that this cd isn't a waste of time, but I feel frustrated for my lack of Japanese for the drama track. It's bad enough that I don't know much about this series (and this cd). But it just seems to me that this cd is only related to the series solely by it's themes. (Correct me if I'm wrong). But I suggest only Minami Ozaki fans get this one.

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1992/Minami Ozaki/Victor/JVC
1993/Minami Ozaki/Toshiba EMI